Does the phrase "msgops 2" mean anything to you?

Does the phrase "msgops 2" mean anything to you?

How about Labcounts? Cafecounts? Or the Penn State Center for Academic Computing? We are trying to locate all of our PSU CAC Lab Op coworkers, comrades, and cohorts. If you know how to reach any of them, email me at or pass this URL along to them. We're also having a hard time remembering names and faces, age is setting in...

Internet Relay Chat

If you happen to be one of these unique persons, get yourself logged onto #msgops2 on our IRC server. Info on it is located here. It ain't VM, but it is the closest thing to our old online community that we are likely to get. Even if you can only log in during your lunch break, we'd be glad to have you join us.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.
-Bill Schaffer (WES103)